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split NSIS setup file

is there a way to split the setup-file created by NSIS?
I currently only know that one setup.exe is created. But I need files which fit on a floppy disk (yes, there are still application which don't have a USB interface but only a floppy :tinfoil:). Older Installers automatically splitted this into several disks, and also the information to change to disk 2 is displayed automatically. I'm lokking for an NSIS-equivalent.

Thanks for your help!

Hmmm I think there is no automation tool for this in NSIS but it can be handled in script easily.
Create small setup.exe and put rest of files into .zip or .cab archive.
After extracting files from setup.exe ask user to enter another disk and unpack archive into $INSTDIR.

first floppy can be the 'install' disk which contains just the nsis .exe , i.e. setup.exe
then have a set of 'data' disks, 1,2,3,4....
i would use 7zip to create the spanned archive, and put the files onto 'data' disk 1,2,3,4...
the setup.exe installer can then ask the user to install the first 'data' disk and kick off the first 7zip archive file and it'll step through extracting all the files
then setup.exe can continue with the installation