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Uninstall only installed files | UninstallLog

I'm trying to create my uninstaller with UninstallLog.

Do I have to use the ${File} command explicitly for every file I want to install? I tried
${File} "<path>" "*.*"
${File} "<path>" "*"
${File} "<path>" "\"
${File} "<path>" ""
The files in <path> are being installed but they are not written to uninstall.log and therefore not uninstalled.

Is there a way to add all files of a folder at once so they are added to the directory and the uninstall.log? I have ~340 files to install and they can change during development of the tool I want to install. Adding them one by one would be a little annoying to be honest :)

Another problem:
I use
${CopyFiles} "$matlab_root\toolbox\local\pathdef.m" $INSTDIR
to copy a file into the installtion folder, but it too is not added to the uninstall.log

btw the following commands do write into the log
${File} "<path>" "startup.m"
${CreateShortcut} "$INSTDIR\$(^Name).lnk" "$matlab_root\bin\matlab.exe" "" "" ""

Greetings, thanks for your time,

Hope you are adding the macros before and after your File operation as mentioned in the link.

File /r "<path>\*.*"