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NSIS license compliance
I read the page. But seriously, my command over the language isn't good enough to understand it fully. The page is too heavy for my understanding.

The page seems to mostly talk licensing requirements for people who want to redistribute or modify NSIS which I am not going to.

I have a commercial program. I want to use NSIS to build an installer for my product.
1) I assume I don't have to distribute my program source code just because I am using NSIS
2) What kind of attribution does NSIS require? Do I need to include zlib/libpng/bzip2 licenses in my installer? Should this be in the installer or in the installed product - i.e. should I show the attribution in my installer built with NSIS? Or should the license files be copied to my product install directory during installation?

1) Correct. Your installers and installer scripts are not a part of the license, you can keep them secret.
2) As you've already read on the licenses page, the zlip/libpng license, the bzip2 license, AND the CPL1.0 license demand the addition of the license to the source of the software they license. They do not claim that you need to add the license to anything you make USING the software. Therefore, you do not need to add the license info to an nsis installer itself.

You're free to give credit to the NSIS or the LZMA algorithm in your product, but there's no obligation whatsoever. In laymans terms: You can do whatever you want with an NSIS installer or nsi script. It's your property, you decide.