Archive: want to add .Net 4.0 run-time

want to add .Net 4.0 run-time
Hi i am Using NSIS for making setup, i want to add .Net 4.0 run-time , i want to write a code for this ,how to do this , waiting for the reply.

I googled for '.net 4.0 silent install' and found this in less than 60 seconds:

Thank for the reply..
i need a method for automatically downloading and installing the .NET 4.0 Framework from an NSIS installer, if the machine doesn't already have it?

The official download page requires the user to click a button. But even if you could find a direct link, you shouldn't count on the official download link staying the same always, so you'll probably have to upload the full .net 4.0 redistributable to your own webserver and use the inetc or other download plugins to download it from there.

Static link:

You can detect wether .NET 4 is installed via the registry:

SetRegView 64
ReadRegDWORD $R0 HKLM `Software\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Full` Install
SetRegView lastused
${If} $R0 != 1