Archive: start menu itens remove?

start menu itens remove?

I'm in trouble wanted to see if someone can help me.

is as follows.

on my part created uninstall commands

Rmdir / r "$ SMPROGRAMS \ myprogram \"

to delete the folders, subfolders and shortcuts in the start menu of windows, however they were not deleted but the menu disappear when I try to click on the error saying the file is not found, but the folders and files are there on the menu.

alquem can tell me how to solve this??

the other problem is how to uninstall the phaco broffice via nsis? yet removed all folders and files from his pc but it keeps the menu items to add and remove programs windows.

can someone help me?

sorry for my english, i m brazilian. maybe, also remove the final backslash in the path when you RMDir...

not resolved, the shortcuts in the start menu keep appearing.

Did you remove the last backslash? Also make sure the path is correct...

yes removed, the command was

Rmdir / r "$ SMPROGRAMS \ myprogram

and he displays that removed the files as

the folder removed: c:\users\gui\appdata\roaming\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs\myprogram

follows, but he still displayed in the start menu.