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Run dll as exe
I have to run an exe file renamed to dll, with the previous installation system I used these instructions successfully:
l = CreateProcessA (0 &, Command, 0 &, 0 &, 1 &, NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS, 0 &, 0 &, yes, oProcess)
l = WaitForSingleObject (oProcess.hProcess, INFINITE)
l = CloseHandle (oProcess.hProcess)
now using exec, execwait or even plugin nsExec but I do not do anything. Does anyone have any idea?
Thanks in advance for any replies
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execwait should be about the same thing, try Process Monitor and see why the process does not start. (And yes, renaming a exe to dll is pretty stupid)

Hello, ExecWait it didn't work for me, rename exe to dll isn't my idea but this peculiarity can't be removed (sad) there is any workaround?
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Process Monitor? Can't really tell what the problem is from just your description. Could be just the wrong path etc.

Ok, the problem is related with the exe. This exe is signed and doesn't work if it's name is changed (name or extension doesn't matter, any change is not allowed), others exe renamed as dll works fine!