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NSIS Program Compatibility in Win 7
Program compatibility pop-up comes up when I close my application installer welcome page window with out installing or making any modification. I built my application in windows XP and is executing in windows 7, actually I need to execute in both. My NSIS is 2.46.

Same happens in case of un-installation, when I close the window without un-installing.

But if I complete install/un-install, this pop-up dont come. I am usingf Execution level as Admin.

Advance thanks.

So you have "RequestExecutionLevel admin" in your .nsi?
Double check that you are using NSIS 2.46, there was a fix added for this issue at some point.

If the problem is still there, please attach a minimal example script so I can test.

Thanks Anders.

My mistake my NSIS is 2.42. I found one post to avoid this issue by adding an entry in Layers registry key.

I'll soon post a code if I still face this issue after i upgrade to 2.46. Thanks again.

Thanks Anders update to 2.46 really help. PCA not shows up, but my installer got started delecting as "malware dection" while installaing a driver, which is properly signed and was not showing any such error in 2.42.

Please help.

If it is a false positive, report it to the AV vendor...