Archive: Best NSIS designer for free ?

Best NSIS designer for free ?
Hi all
i need Best NSIS designer for free ?

Thanks in advance.

Notepad? NSIS is a scripting language, you're supposed to script. But if you're referring to a dialogs designer to make nsDialogs pages with, you'll find a sticky thread called NSIS Dialog Designer right there at the top of this forum.

To learn NSIS, start with examining NSIS\Examples\Example1.nsi and Example2.nsi. Find out what all commands do, using the command reference:
Once you know what all the commands in those Examples do, and why, you will be well on your way to creating your own installer.

There's a build of Notepad2 with NSIS script highlighting:


The best free text editor I know is PSPad (
It supports NSIS syntax highlighting.

From paid software I can recommend you my tool "Visual & Installer" for Visual Studio - Trial free for 30 days (see signature)

Thank you friends...
i want design custom pages ..where can i get examples or samples of NSIS dialog designer.?