Archive: How to enable .Net 3.5 in Windows 8 from NSIS

How to enable .Net 3.5 in Windows 8 from NSIS
Is there a Way to activate .Net 3.5 ins Windows 8 from NSIS?

I only findy the same tutorial over and over again which says enable it in the admin panel :weird:

The issue we are running into is the "install on demand" feature for Windows 8 requires an internet connection to work. When the IT department of a company blocks windows updates using domain policy, the "install on demand" feature fails which results in another failure down the road when calls to RegAsm are performed and ultimately the installs just fails at that point. Using dism commands work without a connection, but they require the original Windows 8 install disk be made available by the customer. It sure would be nice if there was a way around this.