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Complex installer with restart option
Hi to all,
** I would like to ask you if I'm structuring my project properly.

Here's what to do the project:
- You choose which components to install
- The selected components are written in INI files
- As the components are installed correctly, the ini file is updated
- If some components require a restart, after restarting the installer knows which components have yet to be installed and proceed with the rest.

I'm complicating my life? There is an easier way to achieve the same result?
If not, you have any suggestions on how to implement it in practice (examples, functions, ...)?


The method is fine, assuming the installer is run properly after each reboot. You could probably just put your installer, with some command line parameters, in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run , and then delete it again after reboot/rerun. This will make sure your installer is always executed at boot, until such time you're confident your installation was successful and you remove the Run entry.

Question though: Are you sure you need to reboot inbetween components? It would make your life much easier if you'd just install all components first, and THEN reboot.

Thank you very much for your reply.

I honestly don't know. Is there a way to determine it?

I need to install the AS400 client and after its service pack.
Classical installation require a reboot.

One more thing. Do you know a way to fill in the ini file based on the components selected?