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Rebranding help

We are changing the name of our product and I want to create an installer that will upgrade the existing install to the new product name. The problem I am running into is that the installer doesn't think the product is installed since the name has changed.

Is it possible to do this?

Edit: I thought I would add an example to clarify

- A product with the name of "ProductA" was installed in C:\Program Files\ProductA using NSIS
- I want to use a patch installer to change "ProductA" into "NewProduct" which will be located at C:\Program Files\NewProduct



So what do you want? To change the installation directory?
1. Search for registry keys of ProductA and find installation Path - the installer for NewProduct must know registry keys for ProductA

2. Rename directory (Path) to match your new product name

3. Install NewProduct to the directory

4. Create keys for NewProduct and delete keys for ProductA.