Archive: Allow UNC path without last backslash on MUI_PAGE_DIRECTORY

Allow UNC path without last backslash on MUI_PAGE_DIRECTORY
I found many threads about allowing UNC pathes on MUI_PAGE_DIRECTORY.
But it didn't work for me fully.

I am using AllowRootDirInstall true instruction.

And if I enter path \\server_name\share_name\ it works fine (with last backslash)
If I enter \\server_name\share_name it does not work (without last backslash)

Is there any way to make it working without last backslash?
Please help me.

Thanks for advance.

You could use your own path validation function, which just tests both:

I tried use .onVerifyInstDir, but unfortunetly it does not work for me, could someone please show example of script with it?

Also it is impossible to do it using .onVerifyInstDir, because this function is called with UNC pathes only after entering \\server_name\share_name\

This callback function is not called when using \\server_name\share_name

Was verified it by just simple adding MessageBox to this function (message appeared only after entering \\server_name\share_name\)

This function works fine only in case local pathes.

MSDN docs for GetDiskFreeSpaceEx: If this parameter is a UNC name, it must include a trailing backslash, for example, "\\MyServer\MyShare\".