Archive: UMUI install dialog buttons not visible in win7

UMUI install dialog buttons not visible in win7

My installer works fine on xp and win7.
However, on win7, the back,cancel, and ok buttons do not display.
The installer is identical for both OSs.
Has anyone seen this?



Probably a problem with a skinning plugin or the UI toolkit you are using...

Hello Anders.

Thanks for the response.
But could you possibly be more specific?
Are there skins/UIs which have been connectd to similar problems before on win7?
I am using UMUI.
Could you suggest a debug method?



this was fixed in UMUI a few years back as the problem was in the plug-in doing skinned buttons. so if it's not working for you then i'd have to assume you're using an older version of UMUI which doesn't have the updated skinnedbutton plug-in and would need to update it.


Thx daz.
I'll update.