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Looking for NSIS guru
I own my own company that deals with redistributing software to my customers. I need my installers to work between all major windows versions including XP, Vista, 7, and now 8. I been trying to learn NSIS myself, but since I own my own company my available free time is extremely limited. I'm looking to hire someone to create me custom NSIS installation projects. I looked over the rules on this forum and I didn't see anything saying I wasn't allowed to ask this on the forum. If this is against the rules, then I apologize in advance.

I need someone that knows how to create an installation package that can install an installation package thats already created in a .exe and also take 2 separate files that have been created in house and include it inside the installation. One of these files needs to be able to automatically load with startup on the computer. Of course, I want a checkbox or something on the installation wizard to indicate if the user wants it to load with startup or not.

I would be requesting to pay for the script code itself once its completed so I can modify it for future releases.

Please message me through this forum if interested and we can discuss costs etc. I can pay by paypal, bank wire, or other forms of payment as well. Absolutely no cash payments since I need a paper trail for business expenses.

Sourceforge used to have a "market" where you could hire people, it is no longer active AFAIK so posting on the forum is fine, or you could try