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Alternative Start Menu in UMUI
Hi all, hopefully someone can give me the info as I am banging my head getting an alternative start menu to work. I'm a .NET programmer and finding this php/assembly stylee mighty head bursting! I have tried far and wide on the internet to find out but a lot of the time the information is sparce.

I'm using the UMUI.nsh header and tried to use the bog standard MUI_PAGE_STARTMENU page and get the following warning which stops the compilation;

!warning: The MUI_STARTMENU page don't work well with the UMUI_BUTTONIMAGE_BMP define (the Next and Back buttons remain unskinned). Use the UMUI_ALTERNATIVESTARTMENU page instead
Fair enough, so I go plop this in my installer code;

However, no page is shown and i've no idea why. Based on the other pages such as WELCOME, it's the same style so expected it to at least show something. I thought that as the standard welcome page required a page_id and variable that the alternative one would also need one but this seems not to be the case.

Are there any examples of implementing an alternative start menu? Any help will be greatly appreciated and may stop the impending head banging :igor:

Alternative Start Menu in UMUI

for example:


;!insertmacro MUI_PAGE_STARTMENU "Application" $STARTMENU_FOLDER
!insertmacro UMUI_PAGE_CONFIRM