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MUI_FINISHPAGE_RUN as current user
Hi there,

Searched the forum a bit for that question but I was not able to find an answer:

Is it possible after an admin execution of the NSIS installer to use MUI_FINISHPAGE_RUN to launch the target application as the user and not as admin ?
If yes, what direction I have to search for to perform this ?
Thanks in advance.

The old style installer run checkbox design does not really fit in today's UAC world. I would recommend that you just remove the checkbox.

If you really must have a checkbox, use the UAC plugin. (It is a little bit tricky to work with)

Thank you for you reply Anders, as suggested i finally end up removing the checkbox.

You can use _RUNFUNCTION to run your own function when checkbox is checked.
There use ShellExecuteAsUser plug-in to execute application in user mode even from elevated installer.