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Direct Java download link
By referring to, I have a script which will help users to install JRE, if JRE is not found in their machine.

My script :

However, the latest direct JRE download link I have is ""

I wish to have latest direct download link for JRE7. May I know, what is the direct download link for JRE7 ?


ofc it may work with another bundle#
but i would load this website (inetc) and analyze it

downloads['jre-7u10-oth-JPR']['files']['jre-7u10-windows-i586.exe'] = { "title":"Windows x86 Offline", "size":"29.99 MB","filepath":""};

downloads['jre-7u10-oth-JPR']['files']['jre-7u10-windows-x64.exe'] = { "title":"Windows x64", "size":"31.42 MB","filepath":""};

nsis has enough string functions to extract links