Archive: Reading CD-R / CD-RW "Name"

Reading CD-R / CD-RW "Name"
I'm working on an installer where I need access to what someone "names" the CD the Installation .exe is on.

Is there anything like ${GetExePath}, but that grabs the actual name of the media as opposed to what drive it is in?

So if I placed a CD named "MyCd" into my D drive, a command that would return me "MyCd" as opposed to D: if I called ${GetExePath}. Crossing my fingers. Thanks guys

I wrote some functions for that a long time ago. You can use DVD_GetLabel, and perhaps DVD_GetNextDrive to enumerate through all CD/DVD drives.

Amazing, thanks I will give that a try.

Also, as a long time lurker, first time poster, I would like to thank everyone because anything I am ever curious about pertaining to NSIS, someone has likely asked it and been answered here! Great community, tons of help. :up:

Edit: Worked exactly as I wanted it to, and has got me out of a serious jam. Many thanks MSG