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Embedding browser in install page
Hey, searched but couldn't find what I was looking for.

I need a way to put a browser window within the internal dialog of my installer. I'm using MUI and Graphical-installer plug-ins. I tried using nsWeb plug-in but I don't know how to repurpose the section I want to put it in as the web browser window. Right now when I try to create it, it will create a whole new page and stop installation. I've included an image showing what I mean. The red arrow shows what I want to turn into the browser. Any help would be appreciated.

first hit on google

you will likely have to build your own progress page though

right, if you read my first post you'd see I was trying to use that plug-in but it doesn't seem to do what I want. I've used ResHacker to change the sizes and layouts of my windows but the browser doesn't seem to show up. Is there a way for me to replace one of the controls that I made in ResHacker with the browser window? Thats what I was really hoping to do.

I have the same problem. nsweb uses all available space but I need to add some text outside of the browser.

I don't know how to use Resource Hacker. Is it the way to go?


I found a solution/workaround for this problem. I used a different browser control. I used this plugin for Inno setup:

This plugin allows to specify position and size of the control. I got it working thanks to help I received at StackOverflow:

Hope it helps.