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Creation of Licence Page

I want to create a page which is similar to the Licence page, but if I use the predefined "!insertmacro MUI_PAGE_LICENSE" I am able to change the content of the License agreement, but what I want to change is the predefined word "LICENSE AGREEMENT", since my work doesn't need that but the format is the same, so I thought of desingning a custom template using nsDialog.

So the idea is to have a Label "Company Name & Deployement"
GroupBox with the Label, whose content is similar to the Licence Agreement.

But I are having some problem here
1. The content in the Label1 is over-ridden by the content in the Label1
2. I am not getting the Label2 inside the GroupBox, but I am having a Label1 only with content of Label2

Here is my code :

!include nsDialogs.nsh
!include LogicLib.nsh

Name nsDialogs
OutFile nsDialogs.exe

XPStyle on

Var Dialog
Var Label
Var Label1
Var FullySupportedGroupBox

Page custom nsDialogsPage
Page instfiles

Function nsDialogsPage

nsDialogs::Create 1018
Pop $Dialog

${If} $Dialog == error

${NSD_CreateLabel} 0 0 100% 12u "This is Heading!"
Pop $Label
${NSD_AddStyle} $Dialog ${WS_GROUP}
${NSD_CreateGroupBox} 0 13u 100% -13u "This should come inside the grup,

what if there is a lot of content and you cant just keep adding this all the

Pop $FullySupportedGroupBox

${NSD_CreateLabel} 0 0 100% 12u "Label2 should b inside groupbox"
Pop $Label1




DetailPrint "hello world"


Was this solved in second thread?

Nope. That is different from this one.