Archive: Header from previous page displayed on nsdialog

Header from previous page displayed on nsdialog
I have the following:

; Use License page to display excerpt of licence agreement:
!define MUI_PAGE_HEADER_TEXT "Licence Excerpt"
!define MUI_PAGE_HEADER_SUBTEXT "Please review the following document."
!define MUI_LICENSEPAGE_TEXT_TOP "Press Page Down to see the rest of the document."
!define MUI_LICENSEPAGE_TEXT_BOTTOM "Click Next to continue."

; Use custom nsDialogs page to get path to folder holding DB and WSF:
Page custom GetDBPath ReadDBPath
When I run it, the Header Text and SubText from the License page also appears on the nsdialog page. I can't find any way to prevent this.

I tried putting the License page after the nsdialog.
But if the Back button is used from the License page to return to the nsdialog then the Header Text and SubText again appear on the nsdialog page.

Any ideas please?

There is a MUI macro you can use to set the header text in your page function...

Can you expand on that please Anders.

I've tried using, eg:
!define MUI_PAGE_HEADER_TEXT "my text"
ahead of
Page custom GetDBPath ReadDBPath

But on the nsdialog page I still see the HEADER_TEXT and HEADER_SUBTEXT from the License page.

!insertmacro MUI_HEADER_TEXT "MY_CUSTOM_TITLE" "MY_CUSTOM_SUBTITLE" before nsDialogs::show (Did not remember the name, that's why I left it out of my previous post, sorry)