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Escaping curly brackets in WriteRegStr
Hi all,

I am using NSIS2.46 and I am trying to write a value to a registry key using WriteRegStr. However the registry key has to have curly brackets within the value, so an example might be as follows:

WriteRegStr HKLM "Software\etc" "CommLinks" "TCPIP{;port=23231;}"

Whilst the install compiles and runs ok the value which ends up being written is:


Which I am guessing is because the curly brackets need escaping. I can see the \ is normally used for this but I cannot get it to work. Is anyone able to help please?



your example works like charm here, is written and read out works also.

is it possible that you post some code around it? maybe you try to write a variable within brackets and that may cause mismatch cause ${} is used by !define in the nsis configurations