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Conditional file output?
Here's what I'd like my installer to do:

1) Get a particular value from a key in registry - eg 1, 2, 3
2) I have files packed in the installer, all named with the possible values above as suffixes - eg File1, File2, File3
3) So if the value read from Reg is '3', the installer extracts File3. If it reads '1', the installer extracts File1 etc.

I know I could just write StrCmp conditional statements to check every possible value and accordingly extract the corresponding file... but I have >20 of these files/possible values so I don't really feel like writing conditional statements for each one.

Any 'elegant' way to do this?

I've tried the following-

ReadRegStr $1 HKLM "Software\XYZ" "Value"

File "File$1"

I understand this doesn't work because variables like $1 are only processed during runtime, and the compiler returns an error saying it can't find File$1 anyway.

So I tried this-
ReserveFile File1
ReserveFile File2
ReserveFile File3
ReserveFile File(last file id)

ReadRegStr $1 HKLM "Software\XYZ" "Value"

File /nonfatal "File$1"

In this case the compiler doesn't return an error, but the installer doesn't extract anything at runtime...

Use the logiclib and wrap the 3 File commands in ${If} $1 = 3 blocks etc

(Note that you cannot use variables in the filename parameter of the File command. Compression of files is compiletime, and variables do not contain any value at compiletime.)