Archive: NSIS - passing parameters to VBScript

NSIS - passing parameters to VBScript
The below code works fine. Now it doesn't pass any parameters to VB Script.
Now if I want to pass parameters to VB Script, I made some modifications in the VB Script and executed it as stand-alone passing parameters through command-line, it is working fine.
To pass parameters in the NSIS I add the lines EXECWAIT which I commented out, but none worked fine.

So could some one help me in this.

OutFile SimpleVBScript.exe

Section Example

GetTempFileName $0

File /oname=$0 `forum.vbs`

nsExec::ExecToStack `"$SYSDIR\CScript.exe" $0 //e:vbscript //B //NOLOGO`

# ExecWait `"$SYSDIR\wscript.exe" "$PLUGINSDIR\forum.vbs" "success"

# ExecWait '"$SYSDIR\CScript.exe" //E:vbscript "forum.vbs" "param1"'


Working fine I jus missed a quotation mark.

Sorry for the trouble :)