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Problem INETC Plugin

First, sorry for my bad english.

I'm pretty new to NSIS and I have a problem. I hope you can help me.

1.I'm trying to download something with
inetc::get /NOCANCEL /RESUME "" "$TEMP\nipp-s.exe" /END
This works pretty well for me with a connection to the internet. But now I want to write a check if there is really a connection to the internet and the file were really downloaded. Because the installer skip to the finispage and says all were installed succefully although there was nothing downloaded and installed. I hope you understand my problem
Any Help?

Thank you

Are you not checking the return value? Look at the example scripts included with the plug-in.


Yes I am checking the return value,but it always give me "OK". No error,nothing. And the files werent downloaded..