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license.rtf with unicode
I haven't seen this asked on the forum.

Is rtf unicode compatible? I know that rtf is ansi. It should even say \ansi in the header. But it escapes characters. Would that make license.rtf still usable?

Thanks for the link.

In theory it answers the question, but practically I remain unsatisfied.

Wikipedia states that there are two types of escape conversions. (I refer you to the link.)

What appears to happen when you insert unicode into rtf in MSWordpad is a conversion to the code page escape. For the character č (c-hachek), for example, the encoding matches "\'e8". Unicode is, or should be, "\u010D?".

Do you know, if in a Serbo-Croatian license, the escape sequence "\'e8" would be correct? In the NSIS installer ... ?

Does anyone use an rtf license in unicode?

in theory this is a prime scenario that can be tested quickly, easily and satisfyingly ;)

i guess you would have to compile with unicode nsis though

Originally posted by bnicer
Does anyone use an rtf license in unicode?
i tried wordpad, textedit (osx), google docs and libre office - none of them even offer an option to choose the encoding when saving as rtf

Does NSIS use MS software (an algorithm?) for rtf, or implement the rtf standard (read/decode) itself? I got worried because MSWordpad escape characters don't follow any known rules. Until I read the Wikipedia entry, I thought that. Now I think there is a method different to anything else and untransparent, typical Microsoft.

I'm not reporting a problem I recently had, only wondering if there has never been a problem. Thank you for the 2.46.5 links. I've been meaning to upgrade and I was looking for that page. ;)

NSIS 2.46 uses EM_STREAMIN and does not touch the .rtf content at all.