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nsis uninstaller
hi all,
is there any way, I can sign the uninstaller and change the icon of unsintaller. The uninstaller exe is created by nsis scipt normally, that just removes the files and shortcuts.


ok, I have found how to change the icon. but i'm still looking for how to sign the uninstaller?

You can't. Easily.

The Uninstaller is not a file that is packaged in your installer and which you could sign beforehand. It's a file that will be created by the installer - at install time. I think the only way is to add code to your installer that will sign Uninstall.exe after WriteUninstaller command. Of course this would require you to include your secret signing key in the installer, which is VERY insecure and makes the signature kind of meaningless... because everybody could easily take the key from the Setup.exe and then sign files in your name!

Alternative: Create the un-installer as a completely separate "installer" script, compile it, sign it and finally include it in your "main" installer like you would include any regular file. Think that's a more practical and "secure" approach...