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Callback Function for Install?
I want to record into global variables which sections have been selected prior to the start of installation, in order to make several checks before those sections are compiled.... Anyway, right now I am making the check in .onVerifyInstDir, because as far as I can tell that is the only Callback Function that comes between the selection page, and the beginning of the installation process.

Are there any other Callback Functions between the end of the selection page and the beginning of the installation process? Possibly for when the user hits the "Install" button on the Install Directory page? I am not seeing any in the NSIS Scripting Reference. .onVerifyInstDir is called several times, so I'd prefer to switch to something else, but it will work if that's all I've got. Thanks.

With MUI2, which you should be using nowadays, every page has a "Pre", "Show" and "Leave" function.

Search for "Page Custom Functions" in:

Most excellent! Thanks, exactly what I wanted. Another tool for the toolbox! :up: