Archive: How to Gracefully Exit Explorer by nsis

How to Gracefully Exit Explorer by nsis
I know Can kill it but this is not normal closing or shutdown a process

as u know there is hidden option in Windows Vista and 7 8to clsoe explorer
by press "Ctrl" and "Shift" keys and right-click on empty area in Start Menu
or {Ctrl}{ESc} {Ctrl}{Shift} {RIGHT} {F10}{X}

i found this code 0x5B4 to close explorer and it works but this code is not inthe List of Windows Messages & i don,t know this good way or not
FindWindow $0 "Shell_TrayWnd" ""
SendMessage $0 0x5B4 0 0

if there is ture way to close explorer Pls help me?

There is no clean documented way, so you are left with hacks like this or asking the user to log off...

thank you