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Nsis Language Tranlsation Error...
Hi All,
i am working with nsis installer i'm using the NSIS Unicode installer to translate around 25 languages when i execute my installer i got a Runtime error " runtime error to terminate unusual way " only and i cant to install my installer.

note :
here i have used the NSIS Unicode installer
Unicode plugin's
my script file(.nsi) has save as UTF-8 format but i got the same error...

please any one help me...!!!

Thanks in Advance,
Muppudathi G

We cannot help you unless you show us some code that causes the problem.

To find it, keep removing code from your installer until it starts working. Then make the smallest example script that you can, that reproduces the problem. Put this script either on pastebin or as an attachment in these forums, and then we can maybe find out what's causing the problem.

there is no problem in my code

I hope there is no problem in my code because if i'm using ANSI installer(NSIS) it's working fine if i'm using UNICODE installer(NSIS) then only i got the above error...

Thanks & Regards,
Muppudathi .G