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How to create shortcut Junction links at runtime
Target Platform: Win/32 [XP SP2 (and above)]


I am trying to figure out how to get my NSIS setup script to create a directory which will be a junction point to another folder/directory

I have my application which I am building an installer for which already contains junction-points in its file-system, I am now trying to package up into my NSIS installer by creating each directory and file as represented in my application folder (junctions included).

I would like to find out if there is a proper way to achieve this purely from within NSIS setup script itself and without having to call a separate batch script on exec().

For simplicity sake here is a brief example of what I wish to achieve:


CreateDirectory "$INSTDIR\App\Logs" # <-- This is the actual dir.
CreateDirectory "$INSTDIR\Logs" # <-- This should be junction of ..\App\Logs


I'm an NSIS installer newbie and as yet have not fully understand what NSIS is fully capable of achieving with regards to file/folder manipulation.

NSIS does look to be very flexible and powerful enough for my needs thus far.

-- I would just like to see the basic principle on how to create a Junction-Link from within NSIS. Any old example will do I should be able to figure it out from there ;)

Anders kindly pointed out in another one of my posts: junction and a symlink is not the same thing! Junctions are Win2000+ and symlinks are Vista+