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Installer using wrong $INSTDIR value
I'm getting a weird issue with my installers.

Note that this is happening on a Windows 8 machine (have not tested another Windows version yet).

I have 2 installers that both use the $INSTDIR variable. One installer installs a databsae server and the other one, the application that ultimately connects to the database server.

Let's say the first installer goes into C:\ServerManager and the other one goes to C:\App.

If i install the database server first, the files go to C:\ServerManager like it's supposed to.

Then i install the application.... which also ends up into C:\ServerManager instead of C:\App even though the InstallDir function sets the value to c:\App.

It looks as if the installer picks up an old install location from the registry or something and still uses that folder as the install folder for any subsequent installs.

I browsed the forum and couldn't quite find the same issue reported (or at least, the search function really did a poor job of getting back posts with the keywords i provided).

I found the issue
Both my installer were using the InstallDirRegkey function to retrieve the install folder from the registry. I commented the line on both. So it should use whatever value i set for $INSTDIR from now on.