Archive: Add a bitmap to the instfiles page

Add a bitmap to the instfiles page
I have added a branding bitmap to every cusom nsDialogs page.
I want it to also be during the installation itself (instfiles page).

How can I do it?
I thought about adding an SS_BITMAP control using resource hacker but I'm not sure how to set it afterwards.

I added this to the instfiles page using resource hacker:

   CONTROL "", 2222, STATIC, SS_BITMAP | WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | WS_GROUP, 2, 14, 319, 103 

Now I have no idea how to actually set the bitmap.

Can someone help me figure this out (or better yet, find an easier solution)?


You should be able to use the SetBrandingImage command if you set the control properly. You can also let AddBrandingImage set it up for you automatically.

See the Examples\gfx.nsi file for a complete example.