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Windows 7 64-bit execution problem
Sorry, may be this is well-known issue, but search returned 0 results (and I not read forum for a long time :( ).
Last days I received few reports about problems with installer start on computers with 64-bit Windows 7. Up to now Windows 2008 and 2012 are OK. Google offers to run programs in XP-compatibility mode, but would be good to know if any other workaround exists.
I attached screenshots of error message, target system description and PE Explorer info for the distribution file.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance ;)

Maybe they somehow managed to disable WOW64 emulation?

If this is a work place system, maybe there are policies in place blocking installation of media players.

Also, as a side issue, a 3.4 Experience Index seems low for even an older Intel cpu and 4 GB of memory. Does the system run ok otherwise, with other 32-bit apps?

Thanks, MSG, I'll ask customers to double check emulation. Strange that this happened on 6 computers in 2 different locations. Also customers might send incorrect information and package was damaged. On my Win7 64-bit English VM this not reproduces. I still hope to get access to one of the comps. What I really worry about is that some new MS KB* patch was applied to those systems. But while no other reports with the same situation, probably this is not NSIS compiler compatibility problem.
Thanks, Aminifu, fortunatelly media player is not included :). All comps equipped for server' purposes, so performance should be OK. But I'll ask to check this again. 32-bit application execution will be a part of WOW64 emulation check.

Note that I have no idea if it's even possible to disable/destroy WOW64, let alone how. It's more likely that the exe is broken, indeed.

i had this issue with an installshield the other day, turned out it was broken indeed