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Nsdialogs skipping pages backwards

I'm used to create installers with nsis, but now im facing a problem.

What I currently have:
A full working installer with about 6 custom pages, the only default page is instfiles, all others are custom pages.

What I want to achieve:
When clicking the "back" buttom, go back 2 pages (custom pages)

The problem:

Im using some code of the forum, calling the function 'RelGotoPage' to skip pages forward and back.
When I use the function on leave function, it works ok, but when I use in conjunction with ${NSD_OnBack} it does not work.

I even tried to set a variable ($CP_SKIP) at OnBack function and the parse with the code below to go one page back, but no success.
$CP_SKIP will be set to 1 only when user click back at certain page.

If I use the RelGotoPage at OnBack it does not work and neither on the page's code.
The onback function is called correctly, i've tested with a messagebox

Here the snippet to back 1 (one) page, written on a custom page (before the create function)
${IF} $CP_SKIP == "1"
StrCpy $R9 "-1"
Call RelGotoPage

Function to skip pages:

Function RelGotoPage
IntCmp $R9 0 0 Move Move
StrCmp $R9 "X" 0 Move
StrCpy $R9 "120"

SendMessage $HWNDPARENT "0x408" "$R9" ""

If more information needed, just ask.

ps: sorry the bad english, i'm brazilian

What you can do instead is call Abort before calling nsDialogs if a custom variable is 1. This will skip the page when going backwards (or forwards). You can set the variable to 1 in OnBack on the next page.


Thank you
I accidentally found the answer doing just like you sad when testing something else with nsWindows (showing a window on next click and keep the page until user clicks a buttom) simulating a message box.

Thank you Afrow, I always read your posts because your tip's are great!

If anyone have the same problem, just try this.

Anyway, problem solved, doing just like Afrow said.