Archive: NsisUrlLib fails if you add a querystring to the URL (?var=value)

NsisUrlLib fails if you add a querystring to the URL (?var=value)
I am trying to send data to a web service and receive a response (I am in control of it, so it can either be GET or POST). I have searched extensively, and it seems like the only plugin capable of doing this (and not just uploading/downloading a file) seems to be NsisUrlLib. The problem I am having using NsisUrlLib is that the UrlOpen function fails if I add a query string to the URL:

It seems to work fine without a query string. Has anyone figured this out?

Also, I am open to other suggestions for web service communication. Has anyone successfully used GET with a querystring or POST methods with a web service from NSIS?

Use inetc.


The problem with inetc is that it will just download a file, not return the body of the webservice response.

In the end, I decided to call cURL with ExecDos::exec and retrieve the response..

Yes you save it to a file and then read that file using File*. Maybe not that elegant but still more so than calling an external executable I think.