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InetBgDL plugin
Kudos for this plugin, Anders. I think it has great usage potential, but it also has some serious issues. If connection drops, dl can't be restarted. Also, it takes a long time to unload when dl is canceled, sometimes even fails and leaves pluginsdir undeleted; on several occasions it completely hanged. The problem is that InetBgDL::Get /RESET /END doesn't seem to work properly - it takes long to complete and after that, new calls to InetBgDL::Get don't work.
Mozilla continued the development and their current version ( works fine all around in my tests, but they only provide the Unicode version.
From your description given on nsis plugins site, I figure this plugin was an "on demand" job and is no longer in your focus of interest. Still, since it's hosted on nsis plugins and I tried it, I'm providing feedback.

Fixed slow /RESET

Indeed, seems to be working fine now. Not being able to restart dl is unacceptable, so the bug had rendered the otherwise great plugin practically useless, and it would've been a shame to let it stay that way.