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problem with system plugin
Hi all, i am trying to get "window" under current cursor position, i found working example which work as i need, it using WindowFromPoint api function, but does not work for disabled windows, i read in msdn what i need another api function to get handle of disabled window ChildWindowFromPointEx, but it does not work for me, code follows:

Function OnTimer
${Unless} $tips <> 0
System::Call USER32::CreateWindowEx(i0x00000008,t"tooltips_class32",i,i0x80000000,i,i,i,i,i,i,i0,i)i.s
Pop $tipS
System::Alloc 16
Pop $0
System::Call USER32::GetCursorPos(ir0)
System::Call *$0(i.r1,i.r2)
System::Free $0
System::Call USER32::ChildWindowFromPointEx(i $HWNDPARENT, ir1, ir2, i 0)i.R7 #should work, but not working at all
;System::Call USER32::WindowFromPoint(ir1,ir2)i.R7 #working, but not for disabled windows
${If} $R7 == $our_btn
StrCpy $R1 "test"
System::Call *(i0x28,i0x010,i$our_btn,i0x409,i,i,i,i,i0,tR1)i.R1
SendMessage $tipS 1028 0 $R1
SendMessage $tipS 1033 0 $R1
SendMessage $tipS 1025 1 0
SendMessage $tipS 1041 1 $R1
System::Free $R1
System::Call USER32::LoadCursor(i,i32649)i.s
System::Call USER32::SetCursor(is)
SendMessage $tipS 1025 0 0

what i am doing wrong ?

You have spaces in your API call string therefore you need to surround it with quotes or remove the spaces as you have done with your other calls.


oh..., thx! i will check it now.

you right, but now i have another problem, function always returns 0, i have tried to pass $hwndparent and also $our_btn with window handle, but i always have 0, i understand what it is winapi question and not nsis, but maybe you can help me ?

ChildWindowFromPointEx expects 3 arguments, the 2nd of which is a POINT struct. You should be passing it ir0 for the 2nd argument (and then freeing $0).


i will try, but WindowFromPoint expect one argument, point struct as well, so i write code based on this call, i will check with struct and reply.

same result, returning 0 (, but thx for your help anyway.


the search is restricted to immediate child windows. Grandchildren and deeper descendants are not searched
See also:

thx for link, interesting post, but, my problem is what functions return 0, not parent, but 0, i have tried $hwndparent, which as i understand root nsis window, i also tried handle of window on which i need to detect mouse as parent handle, but in all tries i have 0 as result, so looks like functions just noop, all except WindowFromPoint which is not work for transparent/disabled/..e.t.c., and i failing to understand what i am doing wrong, i also tried to pass struct as Afrow Uk and System plugin manual recommends, but with same result.

i know handle of windows which i need to detect from point, so i can pass it as parent, and i tried that, but not work as well.

maybe this api calls needs some special initializations before using ?