Archive: Skinbutton Plugin issue in win 7 -64 bit

Skinnedbutton Plugin issue in win 7 -64 bit

I am using (23 KB) - v1.2 by Slappy for skinning my installer buttons.

Its working fine everywhere except on Windows 7 64bit where the buttons are not visible.

There is no skin button error but buttons are not simply visible, however they are enabled and can be clicked using enter key.

Any idea what is the cause of this Issue?

I found out that I had set the buttons as transparent, that's why they were not visible, but now after removing the transparent feature the buttons are showing but the buttons are not showing image, neither the text the like 'Back, next , cancel' its just showing white buttons.
I tried other versions of this plugin also but problem persists.

There is problem int he plug-in, please read this Stack Overflow question:

i suggest you look at the skinned controls code from the posts made in 2009 as part of the UMUI thread... see and for how to fix the issue. as looking through later parts in the thread and the wiki page, i don't think the newer versions ended up using the correctly patched code.

@DrO Thanks a ton man. This solved it finally. :D