Archive: Internal compiler error #12345. Not even close to 2GB

Internal compiler error #12345. Not even close to 2GB
I'm building an installer for a large application.
My application data has been about 2.2 GB for quite some time now and there has been no problem to create an nsis installer exe for it. The installer uses compression so the final installer exe is about 1.2GB

Now my data has grown to 2.3GB and I get this message:
Internal compiler error #12345: error mmapping file (1345043156, 33554432) is out of range.

So I'm wondering how this can be? The final installer exe should not be even close to 2GB.

My hard drive has plenty of room (30GB) left so there should be no problem with temp files not fitting.

Thanks for any help!

Are you running out of RAM?

No I don't think so. I've got 16GB fo ram.
But I will check

Even though you have 16 GB ram, makensis is still limited only to 2 GB as it's a 32 bit application.


You could edit the PE header in makensis.exe to allow it to use more than 2Gb but this has never been tested so it might crash.

Check space on your C drive.
NSIS require to create some temp files and there may be insufficient disk space.

I have 130Gb of free on c: and 30Gb on my d:.

My solution was to use Inno Setup instead. It has a feature to split data into several parts.