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exe not running from nsis installer
Hi all,

I have an install package that runs an executable but for some reason the exe does not start when run on a clients PC. The thing works fine on my workstation and all of my other clients machines. Is anyone aware of any group policies or other security setting on win server 2003 that could stop exe's running when called by an nsis package?

I can run the exe from a command prompt

Thanks, Nath

Is this .exe packed inside of installer and at client machine extracted to some (temp) directory and launched from it?

Yes, that correct. The exe is packaged inside of the installer, extracted to $temp and then called.

Any Ideas mate?

It's a dumb question, but are you positive that the client's machine is running 2003? Because this is typically an UAC-related problem - happens when a non-elevated installer tries to run an exe that requests admin rights.

^this. If your installer is set to request execution level user but the other installer requires admin then windows will silently refuse to run the other installer.

9 times out of 10 a legitimate product should not need admin privileges, but old habits die hard.

The OS in use is definitely Windows server 2003. I have created a very simple installer that runs a batch file. The batch file fails to start. It seems that this is being caused by the environment that this server is running on.


I now have the same issue on a windows xp machine at the same site. Does anyone have any ideas what else could cause executables not to run from the installation package?
The installation script does not specify a execution level to use, but should not be relevant as these are win2k3 and xp machines.


Some possibilities: false positive by an antivirus program, global policies won't allow execution from $TEMP folder.