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Enable Component by Command Line
I'm using a pre-existing installer to install requirements from the command line (in silent mode), but a component that I need is disabled (unchecked) by default. Is there a command line option to enable the component?

Something like

installer.exe /enable-component ComponentName

There is no parameter for this.

A quick hack could be to send some API message (BM_SETCHECK or simple click command) but this can be a problem in silent mode.

I think you are using third party installer and you do not have sources for it, do you?

Yea, I don't have the sources for it :|
The installer in question is the ruby one-click installer (a *very* old version, however)

The *current* sources are available at, but as far as I can tell the version I need (has to work with other software) predates that repo (and they have since moved to inno setup).

1. Using ${GetParameters} & ${GetOptions}, see NSIS manual.
2. Using SectionGetFlags & SectionSetFlags in Function .onInit.