Archive: NSIS Wiki under attack?

NSIS Wiki under attack?
i'm currently not at home, but from a look at the last couple of tweets, it seems a couple of plugin pages have been modified with nonsense/spam. not sure if this happens frequently, but i thought i'd mention it.

Yes there seems to be an issue, we might have to make the captcha harder to crack...

I blocked anonymous edits for now as it keeps going on. It's not even spam, just pure destruction. There are no links or anything.

It's the very last line in LocalSettings.php, in case I forget to remove it :)

Just to let you guys know, adblock plus on my firefox says that is a typo and offers the option to correct typing errors to prevent entering malicious websites...

edit: I was thinking it was related to that, but it is just a regular "url fixer", and doesn't know the content of websites... so I guess that can be ignored.