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in the last couple of days, i've been working on a autocompleter for Sublime Text that i find worth mentioning here. it currently supports all nsis commands (naturally), all macros from "useful headers", all syntax from bundled plugins, and some other bits. other than the completion, it also comes with some scaffolding snippets to easily create empty scripts.

here's a video of showing it in action (who spots the syntax error?;)).

the project is hosted on github and there's also a wiki page for it.

this is a work-in-progress, as i intend to extend its functionality over the time. looking forward to your feedback!

ps: the package is not yet available on package control, i'm still waiting for my pull request to be accepted

Wow, I glad to see how NSIS coding helpers are very good these days, I still prefer the old "notepad" :)

since the package still hasn't been included to sublime text's package manager, i've created a script to download and install it.

The basic completions and the add-on completions have finally been added to Package Control. The former supports all new NSIS 3.0a0, the latter supports the syntax of 165 NSIS plugins.

I've also commited the new syntax to the code highlighter and created a basic command lookup context menu. All in all that should make Sublime Text a powerful NSIS editor.

I've just completed a syntax definition file (and a snippet) for NSIS Language Files