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NSIS handling icons
I am trying to figure out what is going wrong when doing an install and having the icons show up in the start listing. I see other scripts that create the start menu links along with the icons and then delete the icons. However, I do the same and the icons do not show up. The only way I see them is if I do not delete the .ico files which I prefer not to leave in the installation directory.

My script does like:

# Start Menu
createDirectory "$SMPROGRAMS\${COMPANYNAME}"
createShortCut "$SMPROGRAMS\${COMPANYNAME}\${APPNAME}.lnk" "$INSTDIR\Program1.exe" "" "$INSTDIR\Icon1.ico"

Delete "$INSTDIR\Icon1.ico"

If I install with this then everything is fine except I do not see the icon. If I comment out the Delete command and leave the icon file in the install directory, then the start menu has the icons.

What (simple thing) am I missing?


Which script are you referring to?

I would actually be surprised when your script would be working as you want.

The icon you specify has to exist, you cannot delete it...

The icon path can be omitted if the exe file already contains the icon.