Archive: NSIS installation's Plugins directory?? Total newbie

NSIS installation's Plugins directory?? Total newbie
Ok so I understand how make the installer with based with zip files.

Now I have a bunch files that just need to be placed on the desktop in a folder. which I know how to do the zip way.

Now I have another section I have to add in. Which in the directions says add so and so file to NSIS installation's Plugins directory. Can I do this the zip way or what would I have to do to get this done..? suggestions for a total noob like me??


ok.. Better yet I have found a example. And I just need to get a dll installed.

my instructions.
Copy the soandso.dll file into your NSIS installation's Plugins directory; this will expose the API to the scripting engine. In your NSIS script, register the DLL

what I know how to do so far...

Ok I know how to do this with all my other files...

I just need to add the dll to the plugin directory.. I am lost on what the plugin directory is..


All I understood is in the end you dont know what plugins directory is?
Well if you're on windows , it is..

C:/program files/NSIS/plugins

Thank you very much... After you said I looked at the sample and there it was.

Ok.. I am getting issues again. I am trying to compile but I keep getting an error.

Here is my code.. Do I need to make this a function of some sort?


I have also tried -
!addplugindir "${NSISDIR}\Plugins\stuff.dll" ;

I figured out what I was doing wrong.. I need to create another section