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Making a "Changelog" Page
I would like to make a Changelog page to my little installer. I have all my changes noted down in a text file and is waiting to be used. The problem is I don't have a clue on how to display it :(

I found something similar in MUI_PAGE_LICENSE which can display a text file but I'm not displaying a license. I also tried some things here but I ended up with nothing functional.

Could anyone please give me some idea on where to start?

Thank you :)

You can use a (second) license page to display the text file. Use the MUI2 macros (or the LicenseText and LicenseForceSelection commands) to customize it, so it doesn't look like a license page anymore.

Yes, as MSG said, use the following MUI macro's before

!insertmacro MUI_PAGE_LICENSE ChangeLog.txt
to change a License page to a changelog page:
!define MUI_LICENSEPAGE_BUTTON "Install" # or "Next" if you have other pages between the changelog and the InstFiles page
!define MUI_PAGE_HEADER_TEXT "Changelog"

Worked like a charm thank you very much :)