Archive: How to run jar file in NSIS?

How to run jar file in NSIS?
I have try execute jar file in Nsis.But its not working.

ExecWait 'java -jar "$Jar\Install.jar $URL:$port"'

Also i have tried this way

ExecWait 'javaw.exe -jar $jar\Install.jar $URL:$port'

If i give this command get a pop up box as unable to execute jar file.

How to run jar filie in NSIS?

Thanks JP.I have tried above URL.It seems not working fine.
ExecWait 'javaw.exe -jar "$Jar\Install.jar $URL:$port"'

Now i have tried full path of javaw.exe and i got one popup box will display as
Unable to access Install.jar.
But the Install.jar is there in that path.Is there permission issue?

Shouldn't that be:
ExecWait 'javaw.exe -jar "$Jar\Install.jar" "$URL:$port"'