Archive: COPYFILES - is there any alternative ?

COPYFILES - is there any alternative ?
I've got an install with a huge amount of small .jpg files to copy from the install disc to the hard drive.
This takes a lot of time obviously.

Is there anything better than "CopyFiles" ? Its just too slow.

I could zip up all the jpgs and then unzip them I suppose but I am trying to avoid this.

Any ideas?

You could try the Find instructions + CopyFile, might not be faster though...

You could try to place all the small jpg's in a single archive before embedding it in your installer. Then extract the archive once installed on the target machine. Copying one large file instead of bunch of small files is usually much faster. A quick google search turned up the following: How to really speed up file copying in Windows

Pack all files into .zip archive and include this archive in the installer.
During installation:
1) Copy .zip into $INSTDIR
2) Call Zip unpacker (e.g. unzip.exe) and unpack all files.

Many times unzipping files is faster then copying them.

thanks, I went with 7ZIP.

I am using 7ZG and just calling it with an ExecWait from my installer.

Now it takes MUCH shorter time to copy.