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execwait + silent

I use ExecWait to execute a script.bat, it works withou any problem.

Just I want having a silent execution, hide the window┬Á.

Can I have that please?

Can you help me please.


Quick sanity check: Why not just put the code from the .bat file into your installer? NSIS can do anything a batch file can.

I want doing that,

but in my .bat i have a condition if

it depend of the valu return from executed command, in NSIS, can doing that ?

my script is like :

for /F %%i in ('perl.exe -Version') do set ver=%%i

if "%ver%" EQU "perl not installed " goto install

install perl


You can get the printed text from a command with nsExec::ExecToStack (and skip batch file):

nsExec::ExecToStack '"perl.exe" -Version'
Pop $0 # return value/error/timeout
Pop $1 # printed text
StrCpy $1 "$1" "" -18 # only keep last 18 characters from the returned string
${If} $1 == "perl not installed"
goto install